Upcoming Shows!

Spring is a springing and that means music is in full swing! I’m finally fully rooted in Seattle and working my butt of booking shows. I’ve also joined forces with two awesome musicians, guitarist Sammy Choman, and bassist Ben Shipley, and am absolutely STOKED to be collaborating with these gentlemen. Check out my “Shows” page to see where I’m playing next!


Tonight at the Central!

My fans tonight, this is why I LOVE WHAT I DO. It’s for you all every time I sing, all for you! <3. GO HAWKS!!! (at The Central Saloon)

Last night at the Q Cafe I opened for headliner Jon Bryant, who played a powerful and beautiful set, followed by Grey Worf with their energetic band performance! Thanks to all who came out and filled all the seats, all the artists last night were extremely appreciative. Music is a wonderful thing!

I’m opening for Jon Bryant tomorrow night at 8pm! The Q Cafe is an AMAZING venue to watch music, so I’m thrilled to be playing there.

Demo recording of one of my latest creations!

Working hard ;)

Tastebuds yeah yeah yeah! (at Tastebuds Coffee and Wine)

"La la la la!" (at Upper Eastside Coffee Co.)

Instructing Beginners Voice and Guitar Lessons!

Hey Everyone!

I am offering vocal and guitar lessons to novice singers; 8 years and up. No previous singing experience required. Lessons will be 45 minutes long at $25 per lesson. Guitar students must bring their own guitar (classical guitars with nylon strings are softer on the fingers). 

As a professional performing musician/songwriter/vocalist, I have over 10 years of experience in guitar, voice, and performing. Have experience with all age groups.

If you are interested, please email me with any questions you may have!